It’s Monday afternoon, halfway between lunch and pub-clocking-in time and a thought has entered your cranium more horrifying than a gravestone-rubbing holiday in North Wales.

It’s your anniversary this week. Or is it your good lady’s birthday? Either way, your knees are buckling. Sweat is dripping uncontrollably from your brow. Your mind starts to clutter, as it always does. All those great present ideas you’ve had over the year have vamooshed, replaced by ideas either banal, unsuitable, or downright idiotic.

Mr Thoughtful is here to save the day: to allay those fears, stem that sweating, to unbuckle those knees. We have a wide range of fabulously zippy ideas. We’ve chosen the best in handbags, clutch bags (yes, there’s a difference), jewellery, watches, flowers, perfumes, designer diaries (yes, she’d actually like one of those), body lotions and other assorted unguents, in all shapes sizes and – most importantly – prices, which range from a few quid to the sky’s the limit.

Mr Thoughtful will help you identify the best present you can buy. There’s something here for literally everyone. Whatever your girl is like, there’s something here for her.  We come with good credentials: the team behind Mr Thoughtful are journalists and stylists who have been selecting the best of the best for women for most of the past decade, so we’ve got the chops for the business. And if you still can’t think of anything after visiting the site, calm down. Wait for the heart-rate to slow and the voices to quieten down and contact us: the Mr Thoughtful team is always here to provide tip-top advice.