Say It With Flowers

If you are looking for flowers that wow on Valentine’s day, Wild at Heart is the place to go.  Nikki Tibbles exquisite blooms (featured) have earnt her a concession at Liberty and Harrods as well as contracts for Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford and Chanel to name a few.  Think of them as designer flowers with a price tag to match, if the budget can stretch they are defintely worth it. Order online at Wild at Heart or contact 0207 229 1174.

If the budget doesn’t stretch that far Good Housekeeping recently ordered flowers from a variety of stockists and did a blind test on them, M&S came out best, and they start at £22.50. Available online at M&S.

If that is still a bit pricey the best budget suggestion is Tesco, believe it or not, they do brilliant roses at a great price, simply remove the packaging, take the leaves off the bottom of the stems (and the thorns) and wrap in brown paper with a big black ribbon, we guarantee she will never know.  Their roses last well over a week & come in at under a tenner!

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